The Apartment of your dreams. 

In the Town of your dreams.

Del Trebbio 2nd Floor - Apt. F

This 3 floor historical town house has been property of the Giraldi family for the last 500 years! An excellent accommodation in the city center, very comfortable, affordable and guaranteed satisfaction.

Newly remodeled and furnished to suit the needs of tourists who would like to enjoy a more personal Florentine experience.

Bedrooms towards the back for quiet, peaceful sleeping (not so easy to find in the city center). Large kitchen and dining area for those of you who like to cook!

Very close to San Lorenzo Food Market which offers high quality Italian products for good prices.

Are you a large number of friends or family members? Email Rachel for more info and photos.

 The building is totally managed by Florentine Flats, with the possibility to host up to 14 people!


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